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September 16th, Cashel Art Festival - Ireland.

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November 17th Through December 17th The Sawdust Winter Festival


About Textural Expressions

Excellent Craft's Artist in Mission Viejo

Are you looking for finely designed handmade crafts? Textural Expressions is a female-owned handmade craft store you should certainly visit, as you're sure to find something that will catch your attention. I design with precision and ensure that I meet the expectations of my customers. I make use of a variety of ...
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My Designs

I boast a wide range of designs and objects for my customers to choose from. Most of my models have great colors; some also have artistic inscriptions, making each one unique. I can help customers come to a decision by showing them catalogs of my work where they can choose an idea of what they like. Moreover, ...
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My Craft Creation Process

The materials I utilize in my work always lend an air of refined beauty to my final goods. You may rest assured that every one of the handcrafted crafts you purchase from me was created with love and imagination. I take pride in making quality products for my loyal clientele, and your support encourages me to ...
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